Building Green Pocono Building a Greener Home with Oak Ridge

Buildings for the 21st Century are more energy efficient, comfortable and affordable…that’s the goal of a Green Home here at Oak Ridge. For more then 30-years, Oak Ridge has been building custom homes for the growing demand to live in the Pocono Mountains. Our surroundings reflect the principles of healthy living. Designing and constructing a home that is energy efficient and embodies renewable products and resources will support the current green conscious minded home owner.

“The built environment has a profound impact on the natural environment, economy and human health. Homes account for over 20% of the nation’s energy use and as a result, for over 20% of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. Home builders and home buyers throughout the country are demonstrating an increased interest in green building – for environmental, health, and financial reasons.”

Green Home building What is a green home?

Green homes are healthier, more comfortable, more durable, more energy efficient, and have a smaller environmental footprint than conventional homes. Green homes rely upon established and proven design elements and technologies through best practice environmental features.

Green Home building Components of a Green Home Can Include:

  • Strategic site selection to minimize environmental impacts;
  • Landscaping and development designed to minimize water and energy usage and preserve or enhance the natural environment;
  • Building design that reduces waste, material usage, and maintenance needs, and increases durability through careful selection of building materials;
  • Incorporation of salvaged, recycled and/or sustainable building materials;
  • Emphasis on energy efficiency, particularly in the building envelope and the heating and cooling design;
  • Use of renewable energy sources (such as solar and wind);
  • Use of ENERGY STAR-labeled appliances, light fixtures, and bulbs;
  • Installation of water-efficient appliances and fixtures such as low-flow toilets, water conserving dishwashers, low-volume irrigation systems, and strategically situated water heaters;
  • Protection of indoor environmental quality through selection of non-toxic materials and management of potential sources of pollution such as fireplaces, garages, kitchen appliances, and mold.

Green Home building Financial Benefits of Green Building

Some incentive programs are administered by counties, and others are offered by cities, states, or federal government agencies, public utility companies, industry associations, and nonprofit organizations.

Financial incentives to build green come in many forms, including tax credits for individual taxpayers, and rebates from power and water companies for installing resource-efficient features in a home. Some of the incentive and rebate programs available to homeowners are:

  • Federal Energy Policy Act Tax Incentives
  • State Incentive Programs
  • City and County Incentive Programs
  • LEED-Based Incentive Programs
  • Public Utility Rebate Programs
  • ENERGY STAR Rebate Program

At Oakridge Construction we can offer the Green Homeowner some of the leading industry products and systems to assure you are building with these green principles in mind.

  • Foam block foundations
  • Engineered framing materials that utilize recycled fibers
  • Out source products and suppliers from local region
  • Spray foam insulation systems and formaldehyde free insulation
  • High performance glazing systems
  • Air sealing systems
  • Geothermal heat pump HVAC systems
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Tankless hot water heaters
  • High efficiency flush toilets and Grey water reclaiming systems
  • Solar hot water heating systems
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Wireless lighting control systems
  • Recycled fiber carpeting
  • Reclaimed wood, bamboo and cork flooring
  • Natural linoleum products made primarily from linseed oil
  • Quartz counters make from recycled glass particles
  • Low/non VOC paints and stains
  • ENERGY STAR appliances from GE and bath fans

Feel free to contact our office at 570-646-8082 and talk to one of our green minded professionals about any of the examples listed and how we can build a Green Home for you.

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